We offer services WEEKLY, BI-WEEKLY, or even just once for any backyard get together! We will scoop your yard, and haul the poop away ourselves so it doesn’t sit on your property. All invoices for regularly scheduled services are sent out via email or mail at the end of the month.

You DO NOT have to be home, and your dogs CAN be left in the yard.  However, dogs often become territorial over their property, so we ask that you please use good judgement in deciding whether or not to leave your dog out. If aggression is noted, we will reschedule our services for a time when the dog can be kept indoors. In general, we tend to make good friends with our clients’ dogs!

 $10.00  Weekly           $5.00  Extra for large yards (1/3 acre or bigger

    $16.00  Bi-Weekly             $3.00  Extra per dog weekly  $5.00 extra per dog bi-weekly

             Initial cleaning can take 2-3 times longer therefore we charge 2 weeks of cleaning. (ex. 1 dog first visit will be $20)

Call For Quote 1 Time Cleaning

All invoices for regular service are calculated on a monthly basis