WeScoop4U is a small business based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana that provides poop scooping services to dog owners. Dogs are going to poop several times a day! It’s the truth! Keeping up with scooping the yard is a pain when that little time you have could be devoted to so many other things!

Not only are dog feces a real concern for the health of the community, but this is a hygiene issue for your family! Parasites and disease run rampant in dog poop, and can transfer to your family easier than you might think! The longer you put off cleaning your backyard, the greater the risk to your family’s health.

Dog feces are a considered a toxic substance and need to be handled as such. We have a policy to bag and dispose of your dog’s business in a way that will not harm the environment, and haul it away so that it will not harm your family! We have collectively cleaned up thousands of piles of poop from dozens of different animals! We are experts when it comes to pet waste removal! 😀

We offer flexible schedules to meet the specific needs of your family! All cleanups are done in a timely manner with little or no disturbance to your daily routine!